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Walking Down the Lane, in Search of My House….

It was a hot sultry day, when I and my friend decide to take a glimpse of my newly rented house… “It’s just a walk across the road da”, is what I said and on that note we both choose to walk down after a good lunch!

As we were walking down, my memory was giving up!! I wasn’t confident if I was on the right street – what a start a? A few steps further, hurray! I spotted & recognized the flats!!!

My poor friend, not knowing what’s in store, is glad by now. Enter, we do & walk in very confidently too… and guess what happened next??? Ha ha u can’t even imagine this, am dead sure! I, of all things, forgot the house I rented :) both its location & its number - but should say my friend was a brave-strong hearted one, didn’t choose to run away u c! There we stand thinking of ways to make this trip a success without being beaten up! Imagine 2 IBMers, yup we had the tag on, walking in and generally wandering/looking around – not less than a burglar ha? Top it all, a call to my brother and there comes his reply, ‘sis neither do I remember the house number’! What fun man!!! But do we give up? Nay! Courageously we talk to the lady around to figure out if she can help us… ‘do u know the house that was vacated recently?” I ask & sure she does point out to a house – guess what my friend’s response was, because by then he had given up on my memory, “lets just try the keys and if it opens, its ur house” :) that’s exactly what we did and bravo it worked!!! “A Kodak moment” :) Will we both ever forget that house!!! Fun @ my own cost ha, as they say its good to laugh at yourself :)
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