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11:30 PM, Camp Road : Journey Continues… Day 2

Here I come with Day 2 events of our journey. Am gonna try to keep it short & sweet and call our ‘D’ as Gops, else won’t be here to blog next:) And I’ll have to disclose my suspense with the cast - (M) Maheshwaran, (Pr) Prabhu, and (V) Vivek are 3 heroes set to rock us under the able guidance of Gops!

Our day begins with a sneak-peek into Day 1 @ Gop’s place. It won’t be exaggerating to say we were amazed at the first look; ‘the’ moment when you realize the power of the Visual Media & the effort that goes to make a movie a ‘visual treat and an experience for the audience.’ Kuddos Gops, you have started off with a bang! Seeing themselves on screen was definitely a booster for the actors too!

After the visual treat, we embarked on our journey of Day 2. The day was set to begin with some rehearsals.Before delving into details, let me welcome “Rajesh”, our fourth character, an equally interesting and skilled guy. Back to our day’s events, it was easily a three hour grueling schedule for the team but most fruitful; slowly they got into the skin of their characters… 3 pm is when we realized something amiss!?! rats running around in our stomach:) time for some food & a siesta for the team!

After cooling & reenergizing ourselves, we quickly moved into action… Started off with Gops recording some required sounds & trying to silence birds which were busy cooing!!! All set, Gops says ‘let’s start’ & there blared some music at the background!:)with no other alternative, we continued to can our shots. The highlight of the evening was Mahesh’s performance in stunts; one fall and he started giving all shots right:) poor he, else would have seen some real blood in place of reel blood:) Racing against natural light, we canned our last shot…

But that wasn’t the end of our fun experience; suddenly we had “fans”, a group of kids wondering if they have landed on any famous film shoot venue; with no one heeding to them, they choose to title the film as ““mottai maadiyil oru bayangram”:)(translates to ‘Terror on the terrace’)

With that comic relief, we finally settled under a tree to review the shots & Gops/Purush already had a correction list. Nevertheless, it was most definitely a rewarding experience; also the day when our heart went out for those people who are part of this ‘make-believe’ world. “Hats Off, all you guys there!!!” and to our team as well – braving the bright sun, they did a marvelous Job – Kuddos to Gops, Purush, Vivek, Maheshwarana, and Rajesh – Keep going guys!!!

It’s a pleasure to relive the experience… hang on till we meet next! Have fun & Live Life!

I can’t end the day without a mention of a cute little princess, my youngest friend – none other than Gop’s doll “Aman”. Just be with her for a minute if you want to rejuvenate yourself! Bless u kid!
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