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A Lifetime experience… : An unplanned day!

With no clue on how to while away the Sunday till 4 pm, we checked-out from the boat house. Our adventure began with a bus ride to the city followed by auto drive (found both rides reasonable) to the only destination we figured – my alltime favorite :) BEACH!!!

Getting off the auto near the beach, a thought stuck… quickly we checked into a hotel in a single room – idea was to dump the luggage and continue with our maazza on beach… little did the hoteller know what was in store for him when he gave us the room!

Here presenting the hotel for ur eyes!

A sunny day and the obvious refreshment was beer… we luckily ended up in one of the best restaurant (Rahims) – a cute little cosy setup that served only beer and wine, with food –

And there was awaiting the life-time experience… a beach that was so chill at NOON! No words to explain what happened there… just catch a few glimpse of it!

OOO! What an experience!!! Back @ the hotel, we behaved as the best brats in the world… little wonder if they had cursed us after we left to c the bath ‘bathed’ with beach mud!

Back to the same restaurant for some more beer and food, and for some quickies;) packing, off we started to board our train… were we heavy-hearted then?
No, not really as we were still lost in our ‘fun, wonder world’.

We boarded the train @ 4, with no clue of our seat allocation; had fun with more rains on the way & the cool scenery around.. A treat to eyes! After spoiling one birth with rain water, we heartily gave it to the rightful occupants, and moved to ours. Followed by more gup-shups, Bluff game, and as an icing for the entire trip had the worst dinner; nevertheless took it in our stride and landed in Chennai… which welcomed us with its ever-faithful sunny arms! Back to the grind mill, we are already missing Allepy but more rejuvenated to plan for our next fun frolic trip:)


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