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April 26 : A year since my dad bid adieu!

Truly no one can compete with time! A year just flew by since I saw my dad breathing his last… The last few days still afresh in my memory; the pain, the agony that man went through but all that I retain today is his strength in accepting and facing the ferocious Cancer! He did what we keep saying we should “Don’t give up!" What if its cancer, as long as the last cell is breathing we should live & live happily / spread happiness” – Ya, that man who couldn’t eat a morsel of food, in his last few days before loosing his speech, arranged for a family lunch! All he did was to ensure each one of us had the best of the food that he loved! He saw us eating and felt the joy of it! Now, isn’t that strength because he was a foodie! Dad, hats off to you… Somewhere I felt / still feel my strength is from my mom and now it has doubled and that’s thanks to you Dad; I take that as a departing gift from you. I would always live happily and do my best to spread happiness – to one and all – I have never said this to you dad but am saying now “I Love You Dad’ - Be happy wherever you are!
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