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Jaya & Amitabh :))

An 'apt title' that just flashed across my mind!:) for us who have met them, we can immediately relate to - not only their appearance but to a certain extent their nature too (on screen): the 'soft/silent/subtle jaya' : rajju; the 'angry tall / young (?!) man amitabh' : Sandy ;)

Where do I start and what do I say for this ever-smiling lady?... in loss of words. If you can visualize Jaya bachan on screen & draw a parallel - that will be our rajju :) the ease, elegance, maturity, subtlety, with which she carries herself - a real WOW! A synonym for "Patience", she stands untouched by ANYTHING be it a flower shower or a thunder shower on her! Come what may, she faces it with a "SMILE" - ever-soothing 'Smile' - an asset of hers that helps her face LIFE in all its form! Can I ever get to that level? I doubt it! Another such asset of hers is her Voice, so sweet/melodious, but used very rarely :( rajju lets be treated more with that sweet voice of yours :) Multi-talented (mostly hidden to the world), down-to-earth, caring : she can easily wear the cap of a mother, sister, wife, friend, whatever u ask for from her - all she has to give to any of this is her 'love & smile' - I ADMIRE you & definitely would love to imbibe some bit of it in me :))

As they say, life tries to balance out for each :) so, for a silent rajju, an 'angry, versatile, aggressive, loving, funny, mischievous, TALL man' was in the order- and that's our Sandy, our version of the on-screen Amitabh! As tall as he is, equally tall is his love for life/rajju/kids, and equally taller is his 'anger' :). A man who loves to ENJOY life & have FUN, in his own way! A guy who can pave his way by his talks (suitable field, Sales) through any phase of life / people! A complete opposite he may be to rajju but they do share things in common : a warm smile, big arms to accommodate all with love:) 'Hats off' Sandy for who you are!!!

Signing off wishing the very best & happiness in life for you two lovely people :)) and most importantly tx for introducing new world of friends to us : very own bubbly & bunty :)
Luv u guys for what you are!
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