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Life! How much does it cost?!?

'Shocking' may not be the word because its become a 'way of life'! 'Saddening' probably!

Day 1: 9:00 AM, Kathipara junction: Peek traffic, busy flyover, and there goes 'zooom' & a 'bang'... a bike with 2 guys sped into a car! lucky day as they all managed to get out with not much damage (hopefully!) Insurance zindabad! Work complete, who is bothered that lives were saved miraculously!

Day 2: 9:00 AM, Ashok Pillar: 'screeeeeeeech'!!! A glance at that direction & my eyes closed voluntarily : out of pain or should I say 'helplessness'! A guy speeds up in his bike with ONLY 3 more 'LIFE' riding along with him! Ya, big deal! this is a usual scene? Isn't that our instant reaction?!? Just that he was around a steep bend of road with peek traffic flowing from all directions, and obviously so his bike had to Skid! O yeah, tell us something new! can you? there goes our next reaction?!? But what took me by shock & pain was seeing the bike skidding with a small kid falling down!'O! common give us a break! we see it every other day'...

O, those templatized responses; so tuned to such incidents aren't we? What I'm talking about isn't new!?! So, what the f*** will make us realize the value of "LIFE" - ours, our kith & kin, peers -??!?!?!?

Where were these guys heading to @ such a speed?!? thankfully all were alive, probably wounded but imagine the worse! But who is bothered nowadays about anything, leave aside the worst! No feel / value / responsibility amongst us out on the roads! why not? what do we achieve by racing at all times?
What are we here for??? We are supposed to be "Living Life" but walk out of your home and all you get to see is people challenging each other to "End Life" ! So unruly, impatient, irresponsible human race!!!! 

No matter how many videos we share on facebook, how many steps we take to create awareness : nothing will change till the day each one of us is awakened from within!  At least so much "To be Selfish enough to bother about oneself & those riding with you!"


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