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‘One of the Flowers’ of my Life that I admire…

Almost 25 years since this flower bloomed in my life, :) it’s as fresh as morning dew till date, touch wood! Yup, to me the most precious treasure of my life are my friends – each one a flower in my life!

Vidya, is one of the earliest blooms of my life!:) It did take a while for her to acclimatize and accept me but the hiccup was just for a while. Before we realized, she bloomed to be one of the most beautiful, ever-fragrant, pleasant, pleasing, colorful flowers of my life!

Through these years we have been through thick and thin of life, ups and downs, joys and sorrows – at times together, times miles away still together in minds, at times agreeing, at times arguing – but we have been there for each other, thankfully, come what may! Just a week from now, is the D-day of hers when this earth was blessed by her birth! I’ve never before shared my admiration with her :) Can I have timed this small token of love any better?

Today, she is a happy, contended, successful lady shining bright both in her professional and personal life, and a proud mom. ‘Live life to the fullest’ is always her motto!

But all of this didn’t come through overnight. Ofcourse it doesn’t for anyone, but each one treads their own path strewn with flowers and thorns. At a very young age, she had to double up as a mom for her younger sister, having lost her mom to life’s struggles! She did an amazing job of taking the complete onus and ensured a happy and decent life for both, despite many challenges! Amidst this, a blessing to her was ‘Vasu’ – her best buddy and hubby – But that too didn’t happen so easily… She had to face an uphill task of convincing everyone as it was an inter-cast marriage – and believe me it was in 2003! Slowly, as she was settling down, yet another blow hit her unaware – an abortion, her first kid – a beautiful baby boy! But as they say life always balances out – yup, today she is the most delighted mom of 2 boys :)

All along, she managed to sail through these hurdles and many more with a smile and such an ease / élan. A woman of a strong will, lives on her own terms, a great writer, and a creative person - In my eyes, she is one of the successful women of today; one who can inspire anyone readily!

I Truly Admire U for all of this! Hats off dear! My heartfelt birthday wishes to you Vidu! May the best of life find its way to your doors always! Keep smiling and blooming bright as always:)


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