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By the lane, Chanting 'Khul ja sim sim'...

What a re-start for my blog! Guess my Santro chose a very interesting way to make me talk about her in my blog. Or probably it was a wake up alarm for my ever-increasing 'loss of memory'?!?

Just a month back, after a grueling experience with Carnation, I got back my Santro - she stands out there as a brand new car:) Its a joy to drive her these days... Looks like, she has started relying on my driving skills :) As we started our journey together, yesterday after a decent drive, she jolted me awake from my 'lost-in-thoughts' state! Believe me life has been extremely interesting ;)

I came to a halt nearby my house, on the sides of the road. Switching off the engine partly, I got down to open the gates. From then till the next 1 hour it was a roller-coaster ride for me! Yup, probably she wanted to be alone - must be bored of my hands on the steering;) otherwise why will the door get locked automatically (in a manual lock system!). Found myself thrown outside with herself enjoying the chillness of the AC alone, with all things inside - my phone, bag, house keys, etc

The fun part was that I couldn't recollect a single number to place a call. Taking a deep breath, I managed to loan a 100 rs note from my neighbor and went on my road trip... It stuck me that such doors can be opened using a scale (my memory is not all that bad ha!). So, I requested a key-maker to help me with the same. Now that one was a dud! Sorry to say though am thankful to him! He went about inserting the scale in all other places other than where he was supposed to ;) And he started suggesting to break the windows - dude give me a break! I just spent a fortune to revamp her, no not again! So, I ran to bring my buddy (all time savior) by the time we reached, this guy supposedly was enlightened and had managed to open the door. My neighbor aunt was a blessing as she was guarding my things till I was back! A special thanks to her.

Finally, after an hour I managed to enter my abode and treated myself to a bottle of chilled water - unfortunately, nothing else chilled was available then ;)

Wow, so its not enough just to learn driving, get your license, drive on the roads without accidents, service your car from time to time, but also learn the other tricks - opening a locked door is Just One of the Many tricks! Here I come for my next learning and experience :)


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