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September and I : Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi


Nope, not a short story but just an interesting observation from my life! 
Many would vouch for my ‘memory’ but I go by Einsten’s saying “Never memorize something that you can look up” ;) rightly so, why to overload such a minuscule of memory? Instead, why not chose to store only selected few experiences, moments, learnings of life…

As I sat with a cup of tea this morning I realized it was end of September already! The same moment I had a revelation that September has been a month of memories for me. Just reliving some of those Khatti meethi yaadein (sour and sweet memories) here… 

2000 September saw me take my first steps – nope not kidding, in many ways these were my first indeed as I took my very first independent decision and chose the path less traveled then in my marital life.

2003 September, I met one of the most challenging project goals, which was a career-defining moment for me. The same evening, I got the shocking news that I lost my ‘chittapa’ (mausa / dad’s younger bro) who was hale and healthy just a few days prior. He had helped us go through a tough time when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through a major surgery!

2007 September, at a vital phase in my career, I took a decision to part ways with my 12+ years employers NIIT – place that enabled me explore a lot of my potentials and enriched me with life time experiences and learning. Same month, I decided to re-join IBM; a decision that allowed me to pave a new path altogether in my life!

2008 September was yet another life-defining month in many ways!

2012 September heralded a month of milestones:
Life continues with its amazing Twists and Turns… As I see it, our life is a journey of self-discovery and certainly the most exciting... Its biggest lesson is ‘every life begins, goes through changes and finally ends someday’! Each moment is to live, experience, learn, and move on…

ऐसे  ही कुछ  खट्टे मीठे यादों को बाँध के चलूँ
कौन जाने आने वाला वक़्त कहाँ  ले जाएँ हमें
बस ज़िन्दगी को आजमाती  चलूँ
इन लम्हों को इन पलों को जीती चलूँ
ज़िन्दगी के संग चलूँ
कुछ खट्टे मीठे याधों को साथ लेती चलूँ

Let me take along some sour and sweet memories
Who knows where the next moment will take us
Let me just try this life,
Let me live in these moments,
Let me go along with life,
Let me take along such sour and sweet memories… 


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