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A bundle of blessings...

2 years ago, a bundle of joy was placed on my hands…
Timid and Tiny, his first glance and smile stole my heart;
The small little packet growing by the day
Getting smarter and naughtier by the seconds;
Crawling, babbling walking, speaking, shouting, running on his toes
Leaving his foot prints all along my soul;
His stealing side glances, he treating me as his pal,
Smiling, Crying, Beating, Shouting, Giggling, Fighting each moment;
His ‘Shii, Shiya, Shiii’ reflecting his moods, sounding so musical, 
Makes me afloat with lightness and happiness;
He is a fountain of pure love,
Whose sprays make every moment of my life a sheer bliss;
He is by far the biggest blessings bestowed on me, thanks to his darling parents
For each moment spent with him, I get to be a kid, child, adult, mom and pal;

As he grows getting ready to venture into this big world
Wishing his soul retains the purity; and he shapes into a person whom everyone admires and looks upto…
All my love and blessings to you 'chota packet' & to my 'little angel'

Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful, charming and my sweet buddies for allowing me into their life and sharing their blessings with me. 


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