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One of those "rare" mornings...


A chill morning is a 'rare' and 'timed' in Chennai. Ever since I moved back, I've missed Delhi's Awesome Winter! I've been yearning to experience at least the onset of winter days here... After years, I've been blessed with a few mornings of chillness! 

Today, as I stepped onto the street for my "still un-broken" morning walks (;), I was welcomed by a chill morning, afresh with incense fragrance, morning bells from a nearby temple, and a colorful rangoli in front of a house... wow what a feel!!!

It's "Pongal" celebration in Tamil Nadu, a time to celebrate the harvesting as it comes to an end. It coincides with the "Makara Sankaranthi", a winter harvest festival celebrated in other regions of India. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_Pongal]

O yeah, me taking to "walking" was well-timed I should say! else, I would have been in bed missing out on such rare moments :) Happy Me :))

Picture Credits:
Two sweet ladies who had made that rangoli, which am sure would have been a few minutes of work if not an hour! More than willing to be 'clicked' and one wanted to pose along with her creation - how cute :) Glad to start my day with such sweetness :)

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