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A nostalgic drive...

Blank... yup, that is my state of mind as I begin to blog on this topic. Mostly I draw blank when I try to recollect my childhood or for that matter most parts of my life. An optimal use of my limited memory :) Very few moments of my childhood is all that flashes by...

It's been on cards to take a walk down those lanes before an amnesia or Alzheimer attack! Am glad that I could walk it down with my lovelies... The pleasure of seeing the place you grew up, your first school etc, is a feel of its own, be it good, bad or ugly!

My memory flashes say that I was born in a place that is famously called as the "Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu", Thanjavur. It may sound weird but life is nothing less... But yes, I do undoubtedly remember my grand parent's abode (the colony), my first school, the church that we used to frequent then, the Arul Theater where we used to go in Queue to watch films, the bakery, the station area that we used to typically pass by...

But before anything, our trip's main itinerary was to spend as much time at the world famous, one of the archaeological wonders and treasured sites, the 1000+ years old Brihadeshwara Temple (a.k.a RajaRaheswara temple or Periya Kovil/ Big temple), built by Raja Raja Chola. We spent an evening and the following morning but left wanting for more... No words would suffice to praise its sheer brilliance! Hats off to the marvelous mind and hands that made this a reality!


Stepping away from this historical place, we walked ahead in search of my historical places whose location we had already figured out, as soon as we entered Tanjur.

Our first stop was at the ancient Church, which I till date admire for its huge ground and peaceful atmosphere (non-busy days and hours). Since it was a Sunday, had to limit ourselves to the entrance...

Adjacent to this, was our Colony (a row of houses both sides with a well at the center and place to play around)... But its been partially demolished to give way to a modern Mall, so couldn't really see any houses there! 
Our colony used to share its compound wall with the Convent, Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School. The block to which I belonged to was Sacred Heart Nursery and Primary School (the right wing of this is the Senior Secondary block and a small church with inhouse hostel). That's where I spent a few years of my life; ya, I do remember one of my first teacher : Miss. Rosy. I badly wanted to meet her but have no clue of here whereabouts!

It feels different, nostalgic yes but ... something unsaid; unexplained; some one I missed and am still searching with just one distant memory of her bidding adieu to me with a kiss on my forehead : this too am not sure if its my make believe memory or for real!

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