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The Aftermath...

Aftermath : something that results or follows from an event, especially one of unfortunate nature;  consequence.
I love this word... See how it fits into a typically observed scenario of a death -- after  math -- there lies the body (the soul perched on top to c and enjoy the happenings) and here the 'math' starts... so, what is he/she left with? and slowly it can head to any direction: a smooth discussion and closure, an internal war and closure, Or move the battle to the external world - let all be a witness!

Thoughts triggered by the morning's news article on Robin William's Estate Battle, lo beholdthe battle apparently is for cherished belongings such as his clothing, bicycle, watches et al... so, it doesn't suffice to just name to whom the bigger possession of yours will go to, say the house / bank balance / policies etc, but also to the nitty-gritty, your toothbrush / comb / toothpick etc!

Having witnessed and heard about so many such discussions, am left to wonder if all that matters is what you leave behind rather than what you are / were??? And I continue to wonder and ponder...

hey my loved close ones, as the only ones who know the Real me, I shall make the 'aftermath' of my departure smoother but if in doubt at any time, you know what to do, don't u? there you go, I hear you getting a paper and pen ready for me, smarties am surrounded by ;) 

O btw, even after my departure, I intend to be around you in some form or other, at least visit you often..., I need to have my quota of your gaalis, thoughts, leg pullings (will have special legs don't u worry;), smiles, love, and laughter for me to live peacefully wherever I will be. beware...;)

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